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Nov '11

Clean Plates

Below are a few pics of yesterday’s and today’s adventures. We snorkeled Kiddle Bay and Little Lamshur Bay. We saw two Lionfish in Little Lamshur bay and need to report our sightings. These fish are invasive and poisonous and have recently begun to appear in St John’s bays. Local divers capture and “dispose” of them because they can take over the waters by killing all the other fish.

For lunch, today, we ate “local fare” at Clean Plates, a newly opened home-style Jamaican restaurant. I remember when we first, back in 2001, ventured into Skinny Legs and wondered “should we be here?” Well Clean Plates has that similar “rough” vibe but lunch (steamed pot fish and jerk chicken) was excellent and we plan to stop back for a dinner. We highly recommend it for the adventurous foodie wanting something other than coconut shrimp and chicken wings.








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