Asheviller: Ron and Valerie Move to Asheville…

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Nov '11

Gotta Get Away

Valerie’s sister, Pat, dropped by for a surprise visit to join us on vacation! It rained so we didn’t snorkel :-( . The weather doesn’t look good for the next few days but we’ll see. Below are a few pics of our land adventures. Skinny Legs is the local Coral Bay bar-and-grill with great wahoo burgers and bottled beer (no draft and no fryer – we are on an island). Donkeys, cows, and goats are free-range and everywhere, even on blind corners when you’re driving on the left at night. Check out our grocery store and the USPS office annex downtown! Pictures coming soon of our 4Wd adventure up and over Bordeaux Mountain on an un-mapped road from Coral Bay to Centerline Road.






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