Asheviller: Ron and Valerie Move to Asheville…

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Oct '11

Launching Romeo

Serena has a boyfriend, a six-pound rescue terrier mix named Romeo. He lives in Atlanta and belongs to the daughter of our neighbor, Donna, and he gets to visit Serena most weekends. With Serena being a muscular 60 pounds they are quite the mismatched couple, but man do they love to play together; running, rolling, fetching, chasing, tugging, go-go-go for 30 minutes to an hour. Last night they were tearing-it-up (that’s Southern talk for having a great time) on our front hillside with Valerie and Donna looking on. Serena rolled over on her back and little Romeo jumped on top of her. Serena extended her legs to push him off and, well, you gotta see what happens.


A longer video of just a part of their play time is at: The launch occurs at the 1:17 mark.

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