Asheviller: Ron and Valerie Move to Asheville…

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Oct '11

Shop Progress

Steve’s making progress on our shop. The reason it’s been a bit slow in coming is that he’s splitting his time between our project and a bathroom remodel at the Wedge Brewery. It is taking shape, though. This week he painted the walls and hung the drop ceiling and I trimmed out the electrical and assembled the cabinets. Next up for Steve is building the 10′ long his-and-hers workbench that wraps around the 7′ dividing wall. The extra 3′ of bench that won’t face a wall is where Valerie will set up her bead torch. The last big task will be laying the floor. I decided on a PVC tile product called Norsk Rhino-tec that assembles like a big puzzle of identical gray pieces. Hopefully that will go fast and we can soon (maybe next weekend, fingers crossed) start unpacking the last of our boxes and be, officially, moved in. Winter’s coming and it’s time to start crafting!




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