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Oct '11

Pink Tacos

Food Trucks are coming to Asheville! The City Council recently approved up to 10 permits for trucks in the downtown core. Until then, the trucks are parked in various spots just outside downtown. On Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday each week the Pink Taco Truck is located at the bottom of Town Mountain on Charlotte Street just 5 minutes from our house. Although the intentional obvious double-entendre meaning of Pink Taco yields unlimited potential for gutter humor, alas this is a family blog and mothers and mothers-in-law do read it. So, unfortunately, I can’t elaborate on how good it was to have a warm, moist, tasty, pink taco in public, on the street curb, in front of a dilapidated old gas station. I’ll have to leave that to your imagination…


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  1. Al Says:

    Ha! Tastes like chicken?