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Sep '11

Twenty Year Bloom Cycle

We like our plants. We have plants that we’ve moved across the country—TWICE—but don’t tell the moving companies or the agriculture departments. One of them is a hoya plant. If you’re unfamiliar with a hoya, the blooms are very unique; they’re clumps of waxy, oily blooms that give off a very sweet fragrance. In our Johnson City, TN, house we kept our hoya in the sunroom and it loved it there, blooming several times. 

But, after we moved to Seattle in 1992 our hoya went dormant. It has never bloomed since. We tried different rooms, different windows, by a furnace register, away from a register, nothing worked. It was unhappy. When we moved it to Asheville in January 2010 it took a beating and Valerie spent a year nursing it back to health. Last March we moved it, again, to our new house and put it near a big east-facing window in the dining room—a spot very similar to where it was in our Johnson City house when it last bloomed twenty years ago. Guess what?

September 24                                                       October 7



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