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Sep '11

Shop Construction Update

Below are a few pictures showing the progress on our shop. The first was taken outside the shop on the lower deck. Steve set up his temporary shop here. We’ve been having occasional showers (and the occasional hurricane remnants AKA Lee) so Steve covers everything up at night with plastic and tarps. Notice the Parker Treadwell Grubstake Supplies sign. That’s the Northern Exposure TV show sign that used to hang in our basement next to the pool table. It’s a whopping 14′ long and in our new house there’s only one possible place for it to go — the only open wall that’s over 14′ — and that’s the concrete foundation wall under the breezeway. We think it works there. We like it. 

The second picture is of our kiln area. That big kiln in the corner is shiny for a reason…it’s brand new. Well, it’s new, even though it will be two years old in December. We bought it at Seattle Pottery’s year-end sale in 2009, had them crate it and load it on our pickup, parked the pickup in the Woodinville house’s garage while we packed, moved the kiln cross-country, stored it in Camp Bell’s garage for over a year, and moved it again to our new home’s future shop. This morning, after its long (dare I say, “arduous”) trip, I uncrated it and Steve and I placed it in its forever home. I can’t wait to fire it…I’ve got a lot of liquor bottles saved up ready to be slumped. Hey, don’t judge. It’s been a looooong couple of years and I needed medicating to get through it!

The final two pictures are of the his and hers workbench wall that divides the shop. Steve’s going to build a 10′ long wrap-around workbench around the 7′ long wall. The last 3′ will be open with no divider wall so Valerie can set up her glass bead torch and not burn down the garage. Hot!



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  1. Cara Says:

    Love the slat wall!