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Sep '11

Drug Drop – Not

If you’ve been following our blog you know that we occasionally have “issues” down at the end of our street – vandalism, prostitution, drugs, etc. Lately, after a year of zero-tolerance enforcement, things have been pretty quiet. We seldom have cars pass our house and, if they do, they turn around at the dead-end and head back out. The last two days, though, we’ve seen an uptick in traffic.

One of our enforcement means is a surveillance camera that views the cul-de-sac. I ran about 400′ of cable through the woods under the brush from our house to the camera. From where it’s mounted we can see everything going on down there (and trust me, we’ve seen “everything” going on down there) from the comfort of any TV in the house or any computer on the Internet. Pretty cool.

Today, several cars went by and stayed longer than it takes for a quick turn-around, so I decided to review the video to see what was going on. Around 3:45pm a silver SUV parked at the end of the street and a guy got out and wandered around. He then walked up Dave and Cindy’s driveway, walked through their back yard and over to a large tree stump. Unfortunately, a small bushy maple tree blocked my view as to what he did there, but after a couple minutes he left the stump, got back in the car and drove away.Perhaps he had to pee.

Then around 5:30pm a blue SUV parked at the end. A guy and a girl got out and the guy climbed the bank up to the same stump while the girl watched from the street below. He traipsed around then disappeared from view. A few minutes later he emerged from behind the maple, slid down the bank, jumped in the car with the girl and they left.

My first thought — Drug Drop! Some drug dealer must be using that tree stump on a dead-end to make drug transactions. Valerie, Serena, and I went down there and I looked around the stump but didn’t find anything. I assumed whatever it was must have gotten picked up, but maybe they’d use the location again. On the walk, though, we discussed another possibility; maybe someone established a geocache there. Now, the rules for a geocache state that the location must be on public property and that when a new cache is established a geocaching “reviewer” has to approve the location. For those reasons we dismissed the idea that it was a cache.

Valerie, though, as a final check, logged into her geocache account to see if there was a cache logged nearby. Sure enough, someone established a cache at that tree stump, just yesterday, and five people had already searched for and found it. The cache was named “How the Better Half Lives” (the cache’s description suggest people go further up the hill to take in the view of Asheville and see “how the better half lives.”) This morning Valerie walked with Cindy and Dave and explained the whole geocaching thing to them. They then went down to look for the cache and Dave, a complete rookie, found the duct tape covered tupperware container next to the stump.

Valerie has since notified the person who placed the cache and the reviewer that the cache was placed on private property and needs to be removed. Sorry, we’re grinches and party-poopers. Even if they did place the cache on public right-of-way at the end of our street we wouldn’t want it there because it just means more people becoming aware of a great place to hang out. Then, someone might really establish a true drug drop and there goes the neighborhood that we’ve worked so hard to clean up.

P.S. For those of you who geocache, here’s a link to the cache’s page…

P.S.S. And if you have never heard of geocache (pronounced geo-cash) and are wondering what the heck we are talking about, here’s a link to a description…

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