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Oct '10

Hot Things Hot and Cold Things Cold

The inspector finally came, yesterday, at 3:00. He spent nearly two hours looking over the house (5:00 was probably quitting time) and gave us a conditional “pass”. He wanted some metal brackets installed in the ceiling of the living room and pointed out a few minor plumbing issues that needed to be fixed before we covered up the walls. That meant Steve and the plumber, Tom, were busy this morning working on the main level while the foam insulation guys started on the upper level, turning our house into a giant Thermos bottle.

I was only able to sneak a couple pictures because you’re not supposed to be anywhere near the spray without a protective suit and respirator. It expands over 100 times its initial volume on contact and would be bad news to breath in or get on a camera. The guy with the spray gun was up in the master closet so I was able to take pictures of the completed work looking up from the stairs. For the most part, the foam was staying within the stud and rafter cavities but occasionally too much would be applied and it would expand out the front. Another guy was running around with a long saw shaving off the overage and it was piling up on the floor. Maybe they recycle it as packing material. By noon, they had finished the upper level and had moved to the main level. At that point I had to leave because they sealed off all the doors and windows. No admittance. I’m guessing they’ll do the lower level and possibly the crawlspace, tomorrow. Can’t wait to see the finished product and I’m really curious to see what our energy bills will be.

If you’re interested, here’s more info on spray foam insulation:

What was I doing at the house? Running more wires, of course. The walls are still open and I keep thinking, “hey, I could use another net cable here, or another camera wire there, or another TV hookup in that wall.” Now that the exterior walls are foamed, they’re ruled out for additional wires, but the interior walls are still fair game until next week when the drywall goes up. Until then…where’s that spool of wire?

Valerie was at Home Depot re-finalizing our kitchen cabinet order. Re-finalizing? Well, we placed our HUGE order yesterday afternoon—kitchen, basement wet bar, master bath vanities, master bed shelves, and office shelves. Last night she was checking over the order sheet and WHOA, we didn’t order alder cabinets, we ordered (or thought we ordered) cherry cabinets! So, she was back at the store this morning to get everything corrected and re-ordered. We’re good. Now we wait five weeks for the cabinets to arrive. I need to pin Steve down on when he thinks we’ll be ready to install them. December-ish? And, there’s that little thing about choosing countertops. We’ll give our brains a rest and revisit that decision next week, after we choose the floor tile. Whew. Decisions Decisions.

The final picture, below, is of the nearly completed rock work on the center section of the house. They’re still working around the side but the front is done and, wow, does it look good.



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