Asheviller: Ron and Valerie Move to Asheville…

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Jun '11

Max Patch

Today’s hike was to Max Patch, a bald mountain top near the Tennessee/North Carolina border, about an hour from our house. Normally, this is a great view spot offering 360° long-range views from 4600′. Unfortunately, today, some heavy weather blew in as we started our hike. We spent a good hour wondering around the various trails but high-tailed it back to the Jeep just before the rains began. Safety first. Sad story: Last June a guy was proposing to his fiance at the top of the bald when she was struck and killed by a bolt of lighting! True story…






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Jun '11

Blue Ridge Parkway Hikes – Craggy Gardens

The Blue Ridge Parkway runs through Asheville and we can hop on at the Craven Gap point just 5 miles northeast of our house. Each Friday during the summer and fall the parkway holds ranger guided hikes, usually within an hour of Asheville. We’re pretty adventurous and don’t mind finding an off-the-beaten-track day-hike but it’s nice to have someone who’s an expert in the local flora and fauna lead you to some interesting points that you normally wouldn’t see.

Yesterday’s hike, our first, was through the Craggy Gardens at Milepost 364.





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